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A preview of Drive Mounting features in CBoxRun 0.5

Work is well underway for version 0.5, and the big feature for this version will be support for drive mounting.  These scenarios will be supported:

  • Mount a filesystem path as a floppy or CDROM
  • Mount a disk image as a floppy, CDROM, or hard drive
  • Boot from a disk image
    The add/edit programs wizard will be extended to give the user a choice between simple disk mounting and the more advanced options.  This hides the complexity of the advanced mounting options from less sophisticated users while making it available to power users if needed.

Here are some early screenshots showing how this will work.  Click on any screenshot to enlarge.

1 mountoptions

The mount options selection screen

2 advmount

The Advanced Mount Settings screen.  I like the DosBoxGameLauncher approach of showing the user what the mount command will actually look like, and decided to use it here.  (It won’t always be accurate, because the absolute path to the file or directory may change if relative path support is turned on, but it gives a good representation that’s accurate on the user’s current machine.)

As always, the ? icons give context sensitive help about a particular field.

3 mountdialog

This shows the dialog that appears when adding a new mount point, along with an example of the balloon help.  The actual fields in the dialog will change depending on the mount type (physical drive, filesystem folder, or disk image).

4 imageboot

This displays the image boot options.

We hope to have 0.5 ready to go within a couple of weeks.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated…

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