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CBoxRun 0.5 Now Available for Download

Version 0.5 is now available here:

CBoxRun 0.5 (.zip) (new window)

I noticed that almost no one was downloading the Setup file, so I decided to release this version in .ZIP only.  If you have a previous installation of CBoxRun, you can copy this version directly over your existing one.

A full change list is in the README.TXT, but here are the highlights:

  1. Startup time should now be improved.
  2. Disk mounting is now partially supported. Folders can be mounted as floppy or CDROM drives, and physical drives can be mapped. There are some minor limitations; see the README for details.  (See this post for more info on drive mounting support.)
  3. Disk images and boot images are now supported (also with some minor limitations).
  4. Added a right-click option to create a desktop shortcut for the selected game.
  5. Added support for launching a game from the command line.
  6. Added a prompt to create (or edit) the custom config file when a game is added or edited.
    I don’t have any games that need disk mounting or disk image support, so I would appreciate any feedback on these features.
    Happy Holidays, everyone!
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